Physical activity and Weight Management


Upton Group Practice is an accredited Active Practice, where all patients and staff are encouraged to do more physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. Our Certificate is here and our Poster showing how we achieved this award is here.


What is physical activity?

It doesn’t have to be going to the gym or running a marathon – find something that you enjoy and that suits your level of mobility, for example:

  • going for a brisk walk
    • doing work out in the garden
    • chair-based exercises
    • gentle activities like tai chi, yoga or pilates
    • cycling down to the shops
    • having a game of crown green bowling

How active should we be?

It’s recommended that you do at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week (2½ hours).

Moderate physical activity means that your heart rate and breathing should go up, but you would still be able to have a conversation with someone whilst you’re doing it, e.g a brisk walk, cycle ride or playing doubles in tennis.

It’s also recommended that you reduce your sitting time and do strength building exercises too (e.g. lifting bags of shopping or doing some gardening).

Try chair-based exercise!

If you liked doing these exercises then you can find further videos via:

Other sources of support:

  • We Are Undefeatable is a national campaign inspiring people with long term health conditions to be active.  Sonia is Wirral’s We Are Undefeatable Coordinator, and can offer you advice to be more active living with a health condition: | 07795 813 196
  • Wirral Leisure Weekly class timetable available for members and non-members to access via Facebook (no Facebook account needed): or visit
  • Run in Wirral – Running groups for all abilities held all across the Wirral – all ages and abilities welcome! Call Fiona on 0776 967 4718 or visit
  • Wirral Walk On – A range of weekly short walks across the Wirral for all abilities:
  • Better Health – Active 10 is a free app that helps you to track how active you are during the day.  It will also be able to show you when you walk at a gentle or at a brisk pace.  Couch to 5k is a free app to help you to build up to jog or run a 5k (3 mile) distance over a 9 week programme – even if you’re not a ‘runner’!
  • This Girl Can is an inspiring campaign designed to encourage females of any age to be more active.  Take a look at the This Girl Can website for inspiring stories, advice and where to go to be more active:
  • My Active Work Life – Free resources and information to help you move more whilst you are at work – get rid of that sluggish and lethargic feeling when you’re at work!

Where can I go to be active?